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Meet our crazy girl, Maisie! She came to our cattery from Montanadevons Cattery in Missoula, Montana.


behind  her  name

When I was a child, reading was my favorite thing to do. I loved reading so much, that by kindergarten I was reading chapter books. One of my favorite book series was called Maisy Mouse, which was later adapted into an animated series. Maisy Mouse was a little white and tan mouse who always found a new adventure. When our sweet girl arrived, she was so small and petite, with giant ears, like a mouse. All at once, I had flashbacks of that book series. We customized the spelling for some added individuality, and the rest is history for our adventurous and inquisitive girl.

Maisie is a dilute tortie, meaning she is covered in splotches of pastel tan and gray. The term tortie is short for tortoiseshell, which is appropriately named, if I do say so myself! In between her eyes there's a perfect line, dividing her face and mouth into two colors, one side is tan and the other side is gray. The line disappears between her ears, but continues down the back of her neck. She has one small patch of white directly in the middle of her stomach - it's her sweet center, I think! Her eyes are a yellow-green color, that sometimes appears gray. On her left paw, her second toe is tan, while the rest of her paws are all gray.


something  unique  about  her

You'll find Maisie on the tops of cabinets, doors, shelves, shower doors, and door frames. She wants to get as high as she can, and nothing is too tall for her. She has absolutely no fear! We call her a "ceiling cat." As a kitten, she had a pterodactyl-like scream but it evolved into a full on yell. All she does is yell! Happy? Yell. Upset? Yell. Hungry? Yell. Long, loud meows, for every mood.

Tortie's are known for their "tortietude." They're high-energy, free-spirited, fiery, and feisty. I thought since she's a dilute, those traits would also be diluted. Well, I thought wrong! She's a sweet girl, but she'll climb up your leg if she wants you. And she's persistent. The word "no" is foreign to her. She gets what she wants, when she wants it. She often wakes me up at 4am to feed her breakfast, and she'll sit on my keyboard when she wants my attention! Turn your back for a second, and your food will be gone. When you take it away from her, she'll cry at you innocently. We've (affectionately) started calling her Crazy Maisie.

She has no personal boundaries, either. She'll get right up in your face and yell, and then immediately kiss and lick your eyelashes. And forget using the bathroom alone - her favorite place to nap is in your pants at your ankles!

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