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This is our sweet Little Lou! She came to our cattery from Vilvarin Cattery, which is all the way across the ocean, in Riga, Latvia!


behind  her  name

Loulou's name has a bit of a journey itself. Before she arrived here, I was always referring to her as "Latvia Kitty." Latvia's abbreviation is "LV," and I don't know about you, but when I think about "LV," I think about Louis Vuitton! I liked "Louie," but I was nervous at the idea of it, since it's not really a gender-neutral name. Loulou just felt like a natural middle ground. I can call her Loulou, Louie, and Lou without being asked why I named my girl cat a "boy name." I often find myself calling her Little Lou, since she's so small and dainty, and even though she's not the youngest, she sure is the baby of the family!

Her official coloring is called "natural mink with white," so what this really means is that essentially, she has all different types of features from different coat colors. She has the coloring of a Snowshoe cat! While her body is a taupey-beige color, her ears, mask, and tail are a rich brown, and the fur around her nose, her belly, chest, and all of her paws are pure white. Her nose is dark brown, and melts off onto her fur on her right side, and on the left side, her nose has a tiny speck of pink. Her paw pads are all identical - the large pad is cinnamon, and her toes are all pink! And her eyes are a gorgeous shade of pale blue.


something  unique  about  her

Oddly enough, Lou's tail is unlike any other. She's a small girl, but her tail is so long, longer than the length of her! And she has no sense of it, as if she's just not aware that it exists. It's like it's not connected at all. She never wraps it around herself, or even takes note of anything near it. We pay more attention to it than she does! And when she wags it, it's a choppy motion, and it's just the very tip!

Have you ever seen the Disney movie The Aristocats? Loulou is a lot like Marie. A bit prissy, a lot spoiled, and quite the little lady. She does everything on her own time, on her own terms. She'll act like a crybaby who needs cuddles, and then one minute later when she's all snuggled up with you, she'll get up, meow, and leave. She's sure to yell when she wants something or is upset with something - and it makes all the other cats come running to see what the fuss is about. Definitely a little drama queen. Sometimes she thinks she's bigger than she is, and she'll find herself in a situation she can't get out of. I often find myself rescuing her from a tumble with her "rough" playmates. She enjoys playing by herself, but she especially loves to play with your feet under the blanket in the middle of the night. She's the baby, but I think she's unsure if she wants to be treated like it or not. Either way, she definitely uses it to her advantage!

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