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Introducing our stud, the cuddliest boy there ever was - Logan! He came to our cattery from Nightmagic Cattery in Glens Falls, New York.


behind  his  name

Logan's name search was tough for me. I had so many girl names I had written down, but not many boy names. I asked for a lot of help with naming him. I reached out to everyone I knew, Facebook groups, and posted on our Facebook page asking for suggestions. Nothing felt right. I think we called him "boy" for a whole month! Eventually, someone suggested Logan. I liked it, but wasn't sure about it, due to the fact of Boston's airport (our neighbor) also being named Logan. We tried it on, and I quickly fell in love with it. Now he's got tons of nicknames, but Logi Bear is my favorite!

His official coloring is the same as Loulous, "natural mink with white," meaning he has all different types of features from different coat colors. But he is much lighter than Lou! His torso and belly are mostly white, with patch-work light beige mixed in, and his back is mostly light beige with white patch-work. His paws, chest, and mask are all white, but his tail is dark brown, as is his nose and the front edges of his white ears. He kind of reminds me of a Hoodsie Cup ice cream! His eyes are unlike any I've ever seen. They're a very soft seafoam green color, rimmed with dark blue, which makes them easy to get lost in!


something  unique  about  him

Logan is the BEST cat with babies - probably because he is one himself! Even if the babies are a little rough with him, Logan has no negative reaction, only pure happiness. He loves to cuddle up for naps with babies, and is constantly purring when he's around them. He insists on being close to any baby he can! No preferences with this guy, if you're a baby, you're gonna get cuddled by Logan!

This boy is just the sweetest thing you could ever meet. He has no sense of stranger-danger, and he'll jump into your lap and expect cuddles immediately. He LOVES kisses, and he'll kiss you, not lick, over and over again for as long as you'll let him. You can just say his name and he'll start to purr and narrow his eyes, waiting for a head scratch or a back rub! He really is so charming, it's hard to resist scooping him up and lovin' on him!

When he first arrived, the girls weren't sure of him, and they'd bop him on the head if he was too close. It didn't phase him in the least! He's a perfect gentlemen to all of them, but we call Loulou his girlfriend. He loves to spoon with her and he always has to sit right next to her. He loves to share his toys with her, and he even has a special meow that makes her come running! Little lovebirds!

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