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It all begins with our little Kona! She came to our cattery from Dandy Curls Cattery in Havana, Arkansas.


behind  her  name

The night before the New England Patriots won the 51st Super Bowl, Kona arrived in Boston. We had said that if the Pats won, we'd name her Brady. Well, as fate would have it, the Pats won, and we named her Brady... for all of 12 hours. It just didn't suit her. We still wanted to reference the Patriots, but we had to get creative. Then it hit us. Tom Brady's wife, mother, and daughter were all wearing jerseys that said "Brady's Ladies." Lady! Well, we liked it, but it still wasn't quite it. We looked up how to say "lady" in dozens of languages, and that's when we found Kona. Kona means "lady" in Hawaiian.

Kona is a small framed spotted tabby, meaning she has spots and stripes. She's taupe, gray, brown, and cream. Her belly is mostly cream with light taupe stripes, but the backs of her legs are brown. The spots and stripes on her back are very subtle, while the ones on her legs and tail are more prominent. Three dots form triangles on the front of each leg, just below what look like dark bracelets. Lined with cream, her already large golden eyes look even bigger! She has black and white whiskers growing out of her dark freckles. A cat with freckles - how cute is that!


something  unique  about  her

The second Kona saw our Leonberger, Buddy, she immediately began purring and throwing herself around her crate trying to get to him. The two spent hours together on that first night! Buddy kept hugging her under his neck, and Kona continuously gave him 4-pawed back massages. The two are still inseparable. She is absolutely his cat. Nothing like the love affair of a 4lb cat and a 160lb dog!

You could pick Kona out of a kitty line up with your eyes closed - she never stops talking and purring. She's our center-of-attention girl. If you're not in her direct line of sight, she'll cry until she sees you again. When she's alone, she'll meow non-stop, and each meow will sound like it came from a different cat! We joke that maybe she's practicing a one-cat-play. She's very, very talkative! Meow at her, and she'll meow back. With each jump, step, stretch, chew, or glance comes a chirp. She's very clingy, she'll follow you around, and she comes when you call. She's really a big love, who just wants all the affection she can get, all the time.

Kona loves bringing offerings to her humans early in the morning - it's her favorite past-time - and of course, she has to make sure they wake up to see what she's brought. She's a funny little one! Did I mention she's a food hound?

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