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We are taking a short hiatus from breeding, as we are expecting a baby of our own!! As we navigate having our first child in a global pandemic and running our cattery and household, we have decided that it's best to put our program on hold for the safety (and sanity!) of all members of our family. Our current litter of kittens (born in Oct 2021) will be our last litter until the later half of 2022. Thank you for your patience!!


We are breeding again! We are still taking every precaution to ensure the health and safety of our family, including cats and kittens, and we're still trying to navigate through the pandemic.

As of right now, we're unsure of how we will be maintaining kitten visits and pick ups or deliveries, so please bear with us while we figure it all out.

Please visit our Facebook page for the most recent updates regarding kittens. As always, kittens will be made available around 8 weeks old, and they will be posted here to begin the process. Our Facebook page will have photos and fun posts about pregnancies, litters of kittens, and more!


After what has felt like an eternity, we are making moves to (slowly) begin our breeding program again! Our new stud will be arriving from Poland in mid-September, and we will move forward from there. The journey can be stressful, and the adjustment period to acclimate to a new home will definitely be stressful, so we will need to take extra precautions at first. Stress weakens the immune system, which can make our beloved cats vulnerable to illness, so he will be quarantined in the stud quarters* from the cattery upon arrival to ensure optimal health - for him and our resident cats. Hopefully it will be a quick adjustment period and after a thorough veterinary exam, we will get the "all clear" to begin our breeding program again!

Please be aware that although we are taking steps to move forward, we are still unsure of when exactly we will have kittens again! We are projecting New Years kittens, but we truly can't put a date on these things. It all depends on a multitude of variables, but it comes down to our girls cycles. We could have kittens earlier, and we could have kittens later. While winter is not the most common time for females to cycle, it does happen, and it has happened in our cattery, so we are optimistic!

*In order to prevent unwanted pregnancies and unwanted behavior (spraying, marking, calling, fighting, etc.), we have a room dedicated to our male cat. Typically, our resident male will have free roam throughout the day, and only be in the stud quarters at night and if we are unable to supervise in the daytime. We don't use cages - our males are set up with the most premium accommodations, complete with all of his own private ammenties, including an 8 ft cat tree!


With COVID-19 rapidly affecting us here in the US, we will not be continuing our breeding program at this time for the following reasons:

  1. We don't know how long this will last. That, in and of itself, is enough of a reason.

  2. We don't know the future status of our veterinary clinics, and breeding comes with a LOT of vet visits. I also take absolutely no risks when it comes to the health of my babies, so if I have even a glimmer of doubt or concern in my mind about a hair out of place, I've already made an appointment. I spend a lot of time at my primary vet and need the certainty of a veterinary clinic (who I trust)'s availability, which isn't something I truly feel confident in at this point, as their health is at risk with remaining open, too, even following CDC recommendations and guidelines.

  3. I don't feel like I would be willing to invite guests into my home for kitten visits, or that they would even be willing to come into my home, and truthfully, if they were willing, what does that say about them and their lack of proper care for their own health - let alone my kittens? I would never feel truly comfortable with placing my kittens with people who I haven't vetted.

  4. I think it might be more important for us all to focus on caring for ourselves, our families, and the animals we are already responsible for right now than to take on a new family member. With financial hardships on the horizon, I am worried that kibble, litter, and everything else that goes along with cat ownership may not always be able to be a high priority for some families.

There are just too many variables that I personally am considering here to continue my program, at least for the next few months. As always, I will be available to support all of our Pettipas families (new and old) through anything they may need, and I will remain active posting info and updates here and on our Facebook as well.

2017 brought us to a new beginning. We re-established our breeding program here at Pettipas Cattery after a 3 year hiatus!

Throughout the past few decades, Patrice's daughter, Corinne, has helped keep Pettipas Cattery up and running. When Patrice had to slow down with breeding to take care of her elderly parents, Corinne was a full time college student, and could only do so much within the cattery. They made the decision together to put the breeding program on hold until the time was right.

Corinne graduated in 2015, and after a few years they both felt that the time was right to bring in new breeding cats, and they were eager to get the ball rolling again! With Patrice's help, knowledge, and support, and Corinne's dedication, love, and will, Pettipas Cattery's breeding program will be stronger than ever before!


It is only fitting that Corinne takes on this role, as the entire Devon Rex story started with her - she had wanted a cat for as long as anyone can remember, but allergies were a cruel reminder of a dream that couldn't be reached. It was not a moment too soon that they found this wonderful breed, and it was the perfect fit. Their first Devon came home in 2000, and the rest is history!

We are so excited to be back in the swing of things, and we are happy and grateful that you are interested in our cattery and a fur baby (or two) of your own!

Patrice & Corinne

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Cats 101 - Devon Rex

Cats 101 - Devon Rex

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*Please note that our cats are not the "pop-artist" cats, nor are they the cats in the studio setting. Pettipas Cattery cats & kittens are simply the ones shown in our home!

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