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2017 Update: we are currently re-establishing our breeding program here at Pettipas Cattery. We are starting slow, so bear with us!



Throughout the past few decades, Patrice's daughter, Corinne, has helped keep Pettipas Cattery up and running. When Patrice had to slow down with breeding to take care of her elderly parents, Corinne was a full time college student, and could only do so much within the cattery. They made the decision together to put the breeding program on hold until the time was right.

Corinne graduated in 2015, and after a few years they both felt that the time was right to bring in new breeding cats, and they were eager to get the ball rolling again! With Patrice's help, knowledge, and support, and Corinne's dedication, love, and will, Pettipas Cattery's breeding program will be stronger than ever before!


It is only fitting that Corinne takes on this role, as the entire Devon Rex story started with her - she had wanted a cat for as long as anyone can remember, but allergies were a cruel reminder of a dream that couldn't be reached. It was not a moment too soon that they found this wonderful breed, and it was the perfect fit. Their first Devon came home in 2000, and the rest is history!


We are so excited to get back into the swing of things, and we are happy and grateful that you are interested in our cattery and a fur baby (or two) of your own!

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*Please note that our cats are not the "pop-artist" cats, nor are they the cats in the studio setting. Pettipas Cattery cats & kittens are simply the ones shown in our home!

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